Bedtime Stories Podcast - Loving Him the Way God Loves You

Creme Intimates 'Bedtime Stories' Podcast

"Loving Your Husband the Way God Loves You"


Listen Now for a 10 minute discussion on ways to ensure you are a helper and not a hindrance to your husband's well-being...even during the most trying times. 




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I was recently on a Musiq Soulchid tip as I asked God to teach me how to love my husband the way he intends. Things got real when He instructed me to “love your husband the way I love you.” We all know during those times when the energy is weird and tensions are high, it can be very difficult to pour love out of a place frustration.
We all know that approaching our dilemmas in the flesh creates more problem than solution. We, just like Eve, were created to be our husband’s perfect help. So, how is adding more tension and pressure help anything? We have to activate our spiritual defenses…not against our husbands but inside of our prayer closets.
Instead of immediate defense, take a step back to consider WHY the energy is off. Why is he unfocused? Is there an underlying stress that he does not want to discuss? Are we truly creating a safe place for him to decompress? Do we need to fast and pray for him until he is released from this rut?
Join me for a 10 minute devotion on the key way to remove distractions so what we can see our husbands and marriages in the spiritual in order to provide the support that’s needed versus the stress that defeating


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