Skincare for Your Vajayjay

I don’t think this interview needs an introduction. The title says it all.
We are joined by Ebony, the owner of Serving Faces Spa to learn about vajacials (a facial for your vagina), the benefits of waxing versus shaving and the key steps we commonly miss when keeping our girly girly looking right. 


Jasmine: Why do you feel some neglect proper upkeep of the pubic area?

Ebony: I feel most women are taught how to keep their area clean and free of any transmitted diseases but many of us aren't taught how to keep our pubic area looking nice as far as appearance goes. Many women suffer from painful ingrown hairs, razor bumps, hyper-pigmentation, and the list can go on. Without proper knowledge of how to treat and avoid these common issues, women are left neglecting the pubic area and sometimes leading to them being self-conscious about it. 


Jasmine: What is the biggest misconception women have about getting their pubic area waxed?

Ebony: That it is very painful. Brazilian waxing can cause some discomfort during the process. The great thing is the discomfort doesn't last long and the results make you forget about it instantly! With proper post-wax care, like exfoliating 2 to 3 times weekly and prior to your appointment, the hair follicles become weak resulting in an easier less painful removal.


Jasmine: What are the benefits of waxing  versus shaving?

Ebony: There are many. Shaving causes razor bumps. Shaving doesn't remove hair from the root causing you to shave more because the hair grows back quickly. Waxing pulls the hair from the root. This means you’d only need to get a wax every four weeks. In addition, waxing gives your pubic area a very smooth feel. Waxing makes you feel like putting on a sundress!


Jasmine: Many, like myself, are afraid of the pain. What are the best ways to prepare for the pain before coming in for a wax?

Ebony: Aspirin or ibuprofen can be taken prior to your appointment. I haven't tried this method myself, but it's a very popular recommendation. Also, being consistent with your wax appointments and post-wax care help a lot. 


Jasmine: Ingrown hairs are the absolute worst. Where do they come from and how do you prevent them?

 Ebony: Friction from your underwear, not exfoliating your pubic area and sweat are common causes. The list can go on. I recommend exfoliation weekly, ingrown serum (PFB vanish) and even less underwear. 


 Jasmine: My husband wasn’t a big fan of the “fully gone” look down there. What are the different options women have for waxing the pubic area without it being fully bare?

 Ebony: Landscripts or triangles will give you the benefits of a full Brazilian without going fully bare. 


Jasmine: You keep mentioning exfoliation. I’ve known of exfoliating my face and my legs but I never thought about exfoliation for my vajayjay. 

Ebony: Our vagina skin is just as important as our facial skin. Both play a major part in our self-esteem, as well. We have dead skin cells, sweat that can build up in that area causing ingrown hairs and a darkened appearance.


Jasmine: What are the different types of services you offer for healthy appearance in the pubic area? Tell me about your vajacials.

Ebony: Above-average treatment for below the waist! The process involves a Brazilian wax, skin cleansing, removal of dead skin with an exfoliant, extraction of ingrown hairs, and a soothing vaginal safe mask. This helps with skin discoloration, ingrown hairs, and blackheads. Treatment includes high-frequency treatment to help kill bacteria. Frequency of treatments recommended for noticeable results. You can also get a vajacial WITHOUT the Brazilian wax. 


Jasmine: You offer services for men/hubbies as well. Tell me about them. 

Ebony: Any facial can be tailored to a man. I do have a beard facial target for my bearded men focusing on nourishing and growth. I offer beard facials, waxing, skin care and more. In addition, all of my retail products are unisex. for FAQ's, Booking, Service details, etc... for retail products, blog, digital products.