The Truths You Should Know About Yoni Steaming (VSteams)

Creme Intimates Bedtime Stories Podcast:

The Truth About Yoni Steaming w/ Andrea Clinton



Yoni Steaming (also called VSteam) has become the topic of many girl talks and intimate conversations. From the rumors about enhanced sexual arousal to the belief of holistic healing, many have asked the questions “what is it?” and “is it really safe?”

In a fully transparent "Yoni Steaming 101" conversation with Andrea Clinton, we cover all things yoni. From yeast infections and infertility to yoni eggs and vaginal sweetness, this girl talk leaves nothing uncovered. Listen in for all the answers to your biggest questions and concerns about vaginal (yoni) health – we even discuss why some feel Vsteams conflict with their Christian faith.





Andrea Clinton is a Yoni Steam & Womb Wellness Practitioner and owns Embodied Vibrations Steam & Wellness Spa in Pineville, NC.
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