What does this really have to do with Christianity?


This is a question many skeptics ask when seeing our brand unapologetically incorporate biblical references into our brand messaging. 

We get it. Intimate apparel is often associated with promiscuity, porn and exotic dancers. We want to change that perception. Christian woman, too, deserve to feel sexy! 

As the owner, it does hurt that some criticize this form of ministry. The testimonies, however, are confirmation that this brand is doing exactly what God intended. I am always touched by the feedback from married couples that have experienced deeper sexual connections with their partners by incorporating our pieces into their bedroom. So many felt the romance restored after competing our recent 7 Days of Romance Challenge that was based on Song of Songs.  

No longer do Christians have to solely rely on secular outlets to learn about what God created as it relates to sex, intimacy, marriage, and womanhood. ⠀

What does this really have to do with Christianity?

Simply put, the goal is to normalize intimacy in Christian marriages and encourage the embracing of one’s sensuality. Unfortunately, society has perverted sex into something God did not create it to be. As a result, many Christians shy away from conversations about sex and intimacy.

Many Christian women have even admitted to losing their sense of sexiness over the years because they don’t want to be associated with the “world’s” definition of sex appeal.

Crème Intimates changes that. We have created a safe space to address the necessary questions, conversations and desires about sex, romance and intimacy that are not always welcomed in a church or ministry setting.


Do you only cater to married women?

Even though I am a Christian woman and encourage celibacy, there is something for all women no matter your relationship status. Many feel that lingerie is only for men to enjoy. I disagree. Sexiness isn’t just for our husbands to enjoy. It’s for ourselves, first. Embracing your sensuality is an essential part of self-care and awareness.

Studies even show that a healthy bedtime routine for adults (including wearing appealing or comfortable bedtime attire) promotes emotional health. So, in addition to restoring intimacy in marriages, our intention is primarily to encourage better care of one’s sensual and emotional being, as well.

What’s to come...


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Jasmine S.