Celebrate YOU for Women's History Month + Tips to Practicing Self-Care at Bedtime

Creme Intimates Celebrates YOU for Women's History Month!

You don’t have to be highlighted in Essence magazine in order to be a woman of force! As society recognizes great women history makers, like VP Kamala Harris, for the month of March, be sure to take a moment to love on yourself and celebrate the many accomplishments you, too, achieve on a day to day. 

Everything you do to hold it all together for yourself and those around you is more than enough to celebrate. That being said, we HONOR YOU, LOVE ON YOU and POUR IN TO YOU!

We will be checking in with different ways for you to celebrate your womanhood this Women's History Month! To start, here are 3 simple ways to add some self-care and love into your nightly bedtime routine.


3 Ways to Celebrate You in Your Bedtime Routine
Add some self-love into your bedtime routine. 


1. Inhale Sensual Scents
Find a new scented candle to burn while preparing for bed.


2. Moisturize Your Mind, Body & Soul
Don’t you love a good body butter? Search for a new natural body butter or oil to moisturize your skin after your evening showers.


3. Clear Your Mind
Soothing sounds can help release thoughts of the day. Find a new vibe of calming music to help eliminate mental clutter. I’m thinking of trying ocean sounds or different sounds of nature, myself.


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