National Husband Appreciation Day is Coming – You Ready?

Celebrate National Husband Appreciation Day with Creme Intimates 

Did you realize this Saturday April 17th is National Husband Appreciation Day? I know…me either. 

Where are all these holidays coming from? It seems there used to only be Mother’s and Father’s Day.

Though I rolled my eyes at first, reading this article put much into perspective. Our husbands do deserve a day to feel appreciated, loved and valued.

What’s wrong with spoiling him a little bit? Even when we don’t feel like it, making him feel like a King empowers us to feel like a Queen.

This Saturday, give him a little more than usual. Even better, don’t tell him that it’s in reference to a holiday. Just let him feel like THE MAN!

Romantic Dinner. Sensual massage. End the night with Crème!

Dress up for sex and show a little extra love and affection.

Oh and guess what? New flash…he DOES NOT care how it fits. He just loves the appeal of it all. Confidence is key! You’ve got this, sis.

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