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Crème de la Intimates features sensual nightwear, lingerie and loungewear along with a “safe space” blog (Bedtime Stories) that answers the tough questions about intimacy and womanhood for women of faith.


My Story

“I just want women to embrace their sensual side again. I just want women to feel like women!”  - Jasmine 'Love' Smith, Owner 

"Being a wife and a mother takes a lot out of a woman. As rewarding, blessing and highly desired as total womanhood is, the demands of maintaining it can drain every piece of energy that ever existed in your body.

When it was time for bed, it was time for TKO! The same effort that went into my day, was not the same energy going into my personal nighttime routine anymore. Though my husband still appreciated the subtle appeal of the relaxed boy shorts and tank top look, it was my own dissatisfaction that made me feel...well, unsexy. As a new wife, a new mom and full-time employee, I was doing a great job at every role except for simply being the sensual woman God created me to be. I wanted to feel like a woman again. This was for me.

Bedtime was no longer about intimate moments. Bedtime was about getting baby girl all washed and smelling good for bed, but it meant nothing for myself anymore. I deserved different. My husband deserved different. It was time to do bedtime different.

Crème de la Intimates is designed to encourage women, like me, to embrace their sensuality by redefining their nighttime apparel and routine. Our pieces are comfortable, yet arousing and intimate. The versatility of our lingerie selections compliments any style from and erotic to modest. Even on those tiring nights when sex is a distant thought, the sensual nightwear and pajamas sets still allow for a touch of effortless elegance to your bedtime routine.

In pursuit of reclaiming my sensuality, I rediscovered the joys of intentional self-care. I have found, loves, that there is a natural sexiness that comes about when self-care is properly maintained. Yes, confidence and glow look great on any woman. It took some time to get my sexy back after having a baby and adjusting to all that comes with it, but I promise incorporating these pieces into my lifestyle helped with that transition to feeling like a woman again. And of course, our sex life benefited greatly from it.

From limited-edition and holiday collections to unfiltered conversations about marriage, intimacy, and womanhood, the Crème Intimates lifestyle has much to offer today’s woman of faith. I strongly believe we shouldn’t have to solely rely on secular outlets to learn about what God created for us as it relates to sex, intimacy, marriage, and womanhood.

Married, single and dating women can all look forward to a new bedroom experience with Crème de la Intimates. It does not matter where you are in your life, your size, or even your comfort level! Together, we will redefine and reimagine what it means to “get ready for bed.”

It’s time to do bedtime different. Are you ready for bed?"


Jasmine 'Love' Smith



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